Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Jewellery!

Hi there everyone J
What you see here is a picture of my absolutely favourite necklace. It’s my cross, and maybe I have forgotten whether or not it’s real. But it doesn’t matter, because I’m a Christian and I love it <3>
Jewellery is one of my favourite accessories because it can be small, discrete and is so easy to put on and off. You can have one piece of jewellery you always wear that is more personal to you, or is just so comfy it’s part of you. Usually I always have something on my wrist –it feels empty otherwise. And you can also have your own quirks. For example, I never wear any jewellery on my right hand, I always put my bracelets and rings on the other. I don’t know why, but that’s just how I do ;)
Okay, I love the set below. I bought it for my friend as a present. I hope she liked it! Personally, I thought it was nice (duh, that’s why I got it for her)\
Also, this watch is one of mine that I love. I used to wear my watch constantly, because I love knowing what the time is. Then I had my bracelet period, and now it’s back to watches. Many women like small watches, but big ones work for women just as well as men. Black is my favourite colour for them, because well, black always rocks. But having a watch can be a super accessory, or more so just to keep track of the time.
Those were some examples of jewellery that I think are personally great. What type of jewellery do you like more? Bracelets, earrings or something else?
Olivia-Savannah x


  1. I LOVE that watch and the matching heart set! I'm pretty much addicted to any jewelry though!

    1. Yeah, I think jewelry can be a great and easy accessory!

  2. cross is my favourite!! love jewell like accesories <3

  3. those heart shaped earrings are so cute!! unfortunately i only have one ear pierced and most of the time i forget i can adorn that too XD

  4. The watch and necklace are pretty awesome. Can I have the watch? lol. Great article keep up the great work