Tuesday, 18 March 2014

All things Great and Small tag!

Hey folks! Another tag :P This will be the last for a while I promise. Also, I won't be posting because I'll be away in.. Cyprus! Playing basketball and hopefully soaking up some sun too :P

I was tagged by a good friend Manisha from Escaping through Ink. Although the only make up I really bother with is nail polish, I’ll try my best :3

What makes you want to blog?

I started blogging because I just wanted to share what I do with the world basically, get out there. Now that I’m actually in the blogging world I realize just how many blogs are out there and how much I love reading others. I get inspired and sometimes things happen to me that I just can’t wait to tell you all. So, I write because I like to share ^^

Your morning skin routine.

Well, it’s nothing extravagant. I was my face with water and usually apply Clearasil or exfoliate with Clean&Clear. Sometimes I used Cocoa butter because Clearasil usually dries out your face and this helps apply a bit of moisture. It’s also really good for healing zit marks left behind. But sometimes I don’t because unless you apply a really thin layer it’s super shiny and it’s hard to get right

Your favorite Blogger.

Favourite? I’m not sure I have one because I read a ton of different blogs. Medical wise I would have to say PositiveMed. If it was nails-wise I recently discovered I loved Fixin to Faff. If it’s just for cool stuff I love BoredPanda and I follow tutusandballetshoes as well J So, it really depends what type of blog you mean. I’m so bad at favourites as well -.-

A beauty product you can't live without? 

Any brand of nail polish. I need at least two okay? Or ten…

Your favourite drugstore makeup brand? 

Let’s say this refers to nail polish. Right now the brand I like a lot is Catrice.

Your favorite high-end make up brand?

Again, according to nails I like Rios Professional nail art kit. But that’s about as high end as I get.

What is your staple wardrobe item? 

Leggings, jeggings and usually anything formal works for me :D

The blogs I am tagging!

Fixinto Faff
Alex Quinn



  1. I'm flattered! Thank you! I'll try to do this tag when I get a chance.

    1. Looking forwards to reading your post of course ;)

  2. This makes you sound really make-upy but in the best way possible. You really do know your nails! I knew you loved nails but not that much? Are you planning to make your love of nails proffesional? Nice review. I hope you had fun in Cyprus. I like how we're slowly getting to know a little bit more about you.

    1. Thanks sis. I did indeedy and you know it! I hoped you liked your souvenirs :D Also, you know I love nails like crazy... I don't know about professional, but it's a hobby I spend a lot of time on. Like a lot a lot xD

  3. hey as i said in my comments on my blog thank you so much and i shall do the tag sorr i am late hospitals suck but thank you so much hope you don't mind if I do the tag despite being late?

    1. DDD: Of course I don't mind you doing it late! You can do it whenever you want to :D Why were you in the hospital? I hope you are okay!

  4. Sharing with the world is definitely a reason to blog! You do love nails! :D
    Formals <3 Love them.

  5. hello lovely! I've tagged you in a tag post!

    1. Awh thank you <3 I will definitely check it out and probably get it done by next week Saturday! I have quite a few posts lined up already for this week, which is why.