Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Food Tag!

I hope you are all having a good weekend!Because of the blogger challenge this week,
decided I'd take a different approach to the
topic food and start my own tag! So here
are this or that questions, 37 of them! I will
tag five people at the bottom and hopefully
it will go on and on, who knows ;)
1.      Beer or wine? Neither… I’m fifteen ;)

2.      French fries or potato chips? French fries every time ;)

3.      Fried or scrambled eggs? Fried! With powdered sugar… please tell me there is someone out there who does this too!

4.      Caramel or Vanilla? Ooh this a toughie… caramel!

5.      Fruit or vegetables? Vegetables. Fruit is good but I could eat an endless amount of veggies.

6.      Chinese or Indian? Chinese!

7.      Still or sparkling water? Still… sparkling is blegh.

8.      Taco or Burrito? I’ve never eaten either of them :’(

9.      Chicken wings or legs? Wings ^^

10.   Cheetos or Quavers? Both? Pretty pretty please!

11.   Hot Chocolate or chocolate? Hot chocolate of course! What’s better than chocolate… than drinking it? D:

12.   Cream soda or Fanta? Fanta! Cream soda is horrible :D But ginger beer tops them all!

13.   Ravioli or lasagna? Lasagna of course! Oh the melted cheese…

14.   Jellybeans or jellybabies? I’ve given up sweets but I would have to say jellybeans.

15.   Dominos or Pizza Hut? I don’t like pizza! But Pizza Hut has far better pasta options ;)

16.   Toast or French toast? I don’t like bread much either… I’m starting to sound like the picky eater I am -.-

17.   Sponge Cake or Chocolate Cake? Sponge!!! I like chocolate bars, but chocolate flavoured things not so much. Brownies excepted of course.

18.   M&M’s or Skittles? Skittles any day! M&M’s are horrible!

19.   Whipped cream or warm custard? Warm custard… apple pie and warm custard is the bestest <3 o:p="">

20.   Peanut Butter or Nutella? NEITHER THEY ARE BOTH HORRIBLE

21.   White or Dark chocolate? White, always. Even though technically it’s not chocolate…

22.   White or Brown bread? When I am forced to eat it, always white!

23.   McDonald’s or KFC? … Burger King? McDonald’s fries are okay, and Morley’s is good. Just not KFC, give me anything but KFC!

24.   Milkshake or smoothie? Smoothie! Milkshakes are only good in vanilla flavour J

25.   Blackberries or blueberries? Both… with raspberries too please.

26.   Salted or sweet popcorn? Salted!

27.   Lemons or lime? Lemon ^^ Because you only know what to do when life hands you lemons, not lime!

28.   Spinach or brussel sprouts? Brussel sprouts are delicious spinach is ew so I guess that’s clear!

29.   Ketchup or mayonnaise? Ketchup. Wait till you figure out what’s in mayonnaise…

30.   Eggs or bacon? BACON GIMME MORE BACON #Teambacon

31.   Doughnuts with icing or jam in the middle? Icing… mmm…

32.   Ham or bacon? BACON STILL GIMME MORE BACON #teamham as well because that’s what I loved when I was a toddler and I still do xD

33.   Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes…

34.   Coffee or Tea? Being British I guess the only way forwards is tea because I love it.

35.   Orange juice or apple juice? Apple of course.

36.   Salt or pepper? Pass the salt please!

37.   Do you love food? YUS. Just yes. J

This made me hungry… I nominate five people, and then you do it and nominate another five!

Nominations to: Lisa
See you on Tuesday for another tag! :)
 Olivia-Savannah x


  1. This post made me so hungry, lol!

    1. Haha talking about food always does that to me too :P

  2. I will be filling this out tomorrow on my blog! Thanks for tagging me! :)

  3. embarrassing fact: sometimes i dont feel confident with how i say "water" so i whisper it, and if the waiter asks me to repeat i always change it to "apple juice". don't laugh.


    1. Ah I think that's more sweet than anything. I do that sometimes too when I'm feeling real shy >.>

  4. It must've been hard to think up all 37 questions! I liked the idea of you starting your own tag. You already saw my answers and I passed this on to all my classmates with blogger. Your blog is becoming quite popular among my classmates.

    1. Why thanks! The more publicity the better. Your answers were funny!

  5. Love this post... I post about motivation and inspiration in overcoming anxiety and depression. Tips on how to live a positive life. You're a very good writer, I love little surveys like this!

    Check out my blog :)