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The Anatomical Shape of a Heart (Review, SST & Giveaway!)

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Title: The Anatomical Shape of a Heart (called Night Owls in some countries)
Author:  Jenn Bennett
Publisher:  Feiwel & Friends
Published Date: 3rd November 2015
Rating: 5 stars

*Thank you SST for the review copy*

Synopsis: Artist Beatrix Adams knows exactly how she's spending the summer before her senior year. Determined to follow in Leonardo da Vinci’s footsteps, she's ready to tackle the one thing that will give her an advantage in a museum-sponsored scholarship contest: drawing actual cadavers. But when she tries to sneak her way into the hospital’s Willed Body program and misses the last metro train home, she meets a boy who turns her summer plans upside down.

Jack is charming, wildly attractive . . . and possibly one of San Francisco’s most notorious graffiti artists. On midnight buses and city rooftops, Beatrix begins to see who Jack really is—and tries to uncover what he’s hiding that leaves him so wounded. But will these secrets come back to haunt him? Or will the skeletons in Beatrix’s own family’s closet tear them apart?

Review: After reading Joy @ Joyous Read’s review of this book, I knew I wanted to read it. I know that she sometimes has a love-hate relationship with the YA romance genre in general, so if she loved it like crazy it meant I would too. And guess what? As always, Joy’s recommendations were spot on and I loved this one. Don’t let the anticipation or hype put you off because this romance is definitely worth it.

Jack and Beatrix are both artists, although they are both very different kinds. I really loved how art was portrayed in this book and how we saw their artwork develop and change as their relationship did as well. It reminded me of how much art can be a reflection of your own emotions and thoughts, as well as troubles that you go through at the current time. Oh, and I really liked the reasoning behind why both of them did their type of art. We don’t get that reasoning right at the beginning but I did like it once we discovered it.

In terms of the romance itself, it was very good. It wasn’t quite a clean romance, but then it didn’t get too explicit either although it did get a bit heated at times. If I had to compare the heat level to another book it would be Inconceivable byTegan Wren. I loved the flirting and banter that came right at the beginning of the book – if that didn’t have me wanting to read more, then I don’t know what would. I also really liked how we came into the whole teenager-romance situation later and the subject of virginity came up later and all that. It was perfect for YA readers (like myself.)

The couple together was so cute. Beatrix was an obedient and steady minded girl who had ambitions and goals and knew what steps she needed to take to get there. She was the kind of girl who demanded no nonsense and could hold her own, which is why I liked her. She reminded me of myself at sometimes. Jack is the kind of guy who is a bad boy. Not for the sake of being ‘bad’ but more so because his kind of art is against the law and he has very strict parents so he has learned that to have a fairly normal life he has to be pretty sneaky. They both had their flaws and their perfections, and they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Not only were the main characters epic, but the secondary ones as well. I liked Beatrix’s brother and his own personality. Then we have Beatrix’s mother who is also fighting her own demons and is comparable to Beatrix sometimes because they share some of the same personality traits. I liked Jack’s family as well but won’t tell you any more than that in fear of spoilers.

Many themes crop in this novel. One of them is death, and what it means to be confronted with a dead stranger. This theme weaves its way into the story because Beatrix draws dead people and dissections as her form of art. We also get a mention of schizophrenia too, although it was a different kind than the one that I was familiar with through the book Made You Up. Divorce is mentioned too, because Beatrix’s parents are separated. All the themes were handled very well.

Jack makes me faint due to his wonderfulness.

On a final note, the writing style was perfectly suited to the novel too. I couldn’t stop reading until the book was finished, and kept pushing away other things to get it finished.

About the Author:
Jenn Bennett is the author of the Arcadia Bell urban fantasy series with Pocket and the Roaring 20's historical paranormal romance series with Berkley. She lives near Atlanta with one husband and two pugs.

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Nails Extravaganza: Converse Shoes!

Hello there!

Nails Extravaganza is a meme where I share some of my nail art with you all! Today's theme was shoes. 

I wanted to go with a pair of shoes that I wear pretty often, and that was converse. I love those shoes, and usually have a pair of those on hand for long walking trips. Although they do absorb water on the off chance it rains, it doesn't matter too much to me. Here are some images!

And as always, I have made a tutorial for if you want to give it a try yourself. 

Psst! I designed a blog! This is not my blog, but my best friend's art blog. She's an amazing artist and you should really click here and check it out!

Olivia's Question: What are your favourite type of shoes to wear?

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How to be a Fangirl 101

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I have been meaning to make a post like this for ages. Simply because I love fangirling. The best thing about the book blog community is that we are basically all fangirls (or fanboys) of books and love reading and consuming them constantly. But there are some other things that I am a fan of, such as movies and so on. I wanted to share some of the fangirl things I have obtained over the years (please note the years. I'm not actually this rich and can't really afford all these fangirling stuffs). I might leave a phew links to where I found them as well! 

If you wanted to rename this blog post, it would also be okay to call it: What years of scrolling Pinterest has accumulated into.

Are you a lover of movies? Sure, we all buy the DVD, but what about the Soundtrack?

I love watching movies, especially musicals. I do a few movie reviews on this blog but not nearly enough to keep up with all the movies I watch! I love getting the soundtrack because it means that even when I am working and focusing on something else, I can relive bits of the movie through the music. My Dreamgirls and Thor: The Dark World soundtracks testify to it! (Check to see if the soundtrack has words first. I do love my instrumentals, but not everyone does.)

At some point I got a Thor hammer necklace off of Etsy as well. I like it because it says 'Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall possess the power of... Thor'.

Posters! Hang your fangirlness on the wall. 

My parents had a big problem with posters for a long time and didn't want us to have any. Instead my walls were covered with paintings, childhood crafts and photographs. Although I still do have all these things, now I have two posters as well. I would leave links but both of these posters were in fact, freebies. The Antman one (which I kept because it was more so an Ironman one) was a freebie from the cinema when we went to the Antman premiere. Also, the Batman one came as part of a comic. So yes, you can buy posters but by chance you might end up getting a couple of freebies!

Be crafty! Or find crafty best friends

I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. I've grown up watching the show and Tennant is my all time favourite. But you don't have to go all out and buy things to be a fangirl! Sometimes you might be blessed with a wonderful crafty talent. Or your friends may be so blessed. These three things below were actually made by some of my best friends who I love like crazy :) One of them made the mini-TARDIS out of cardboard and paper as a secret santa wrapping which I was never ever going to chuck away. And for my 16th birthday earlier this year, they each made me a Doctor Who themed pillow. One of them is a TARDIS and the other is David Tennant. It made me SO happy! Who else gets to claim they cuddle with Ten every night?

Wear it!

Like you've already seen with the Thor necklace, jewelry is a great way to also showcase your dedication. I have some TARDIS earrings which I got when I started blogging all the way back in this post. I've made a few fangirl friends just by seeing their fandom jewelry and making a little compliment comment. 

Another way of wearing it is through t-shirts. A lot of people have cool shirts of their favourite bands which is something I haven't done yet! But I do have this Minho maze runner shirt which I got again, for my birthday. It is the actor of Minho (my favourite character) who is made up from lines which include him of the book. I thought that was pretty cool. 

Baggin' it. 

Bags are another way of doing this. I can't link the reading one because it was really cheap from my local bookstore. And the Monsters Inc one was basically the cheapest thing in the Disneyland Paris Giftshop. That place was so expensive and I need cheap things, okay?  But I know a lot of merchandise online shops like Redbubble and Etsy do bags like these!

But ultimately? The only thing you really need to do to be a fangirl is to scream and flail every time someone mentions your fandom. And proceed to talk about it endlessly. 

Olivia's Question: What are your fandoms?

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Book Thief (Movie Review)

Hi there everyone!

Today I am going to review the film ‘The Book Thief,’ which I am sure many of you know is also a book by Markus Zusak which I have reviewed here. It’s one of the best book to film adaptions I have ever seen, putting aside the fact that none of the characters or scenes looked even slightly as I imagined them, that is, I still loved it! It was released in 2013.

Although the book is told from the point of view of Death, the movie toys with this idea only at the beginning and end, and a little bit in the middle too. I can understand why they didn’t stress this too much – it would be hard to portray death as a character. So I can forgive them for this. The film, like the book is set in Germany during World War II, and follows the story of a young girl called Liesel Meminger. She is the book thief, who has a small habit of stealing books. And as the blurb of the book summarises itself: When Liesel’s foster family hides a Jewish man in their basement, Liesel’s world is both opened up and closed down.

Although after reading the book I was tied between loving Liesel and Rudy as my favourite characters, in the film Rudy clearly steals my heart. He’s a little different, but he is a cute, sweet and aloyal friend to Liesel all the way from the beginning. As well as never letting her down, he also does all he can to stay happy and optimistic, trying to understand his mysterious friend. I will say though, Liesel’s character also very well portrayed. Rudy is her best friend, a boy who likes football and fancies himself a charmer of the ladies. He can be rude, he can be nice and he can be persistent too. Either way, he is an unshakable friend for Liesel. And Liesel herself is also quite the character. She seems quieter than she does in the book, and more head strong at certain times. But as an actress and an actor, both Sophie Nilesse and Nico Liersch were breathed the characters to life in a way I didn’t think possible.

Ben Schnetzer played Max, the Jewish man who is hidden in their basement. In the book he becomes Liesel’s true friend and they are as close as brother and sister. Although there was a hint at this relationship, the movie and his acting didn’t quite cut it for me. I wanted more of an emotional rollercoaster when it came to this character, and for me it just wasn’t there.

The setting and costuming was very well done. As well as the special effects in the ending – which I won’t spoil for those who haven’t read the book or seen this yet.

The movie is rated a 12 and runs for about 130 minutes. It was directed by Brian Percival who is best known for the work he did with the television show Downtown Abbey. I recommend this to anyone interested in this time period and who doesn’t mind a bit of a sad movie.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dear Stephen King

Dear Stephen King,

I am writing this because I would very much like to talk to you at this moment, and I am probably going to end up posting this on my blog because well, you don’t have a public email address and in all honesty I could not figure out the message board on your website. I know you probably won’t get it, but whatever, because I am writing it.

You shouldn’t really write to an author if you haven’t read their books yet, or at least one of them. Well, exactly 7 minutes since I am writing this sentence I finished reading On Writing. I still don’t feel like I have read one of your works though, even if you did write it, simply because it wasn’t one of your fiction ones. I will eventually though because I bought Bag of Bones for 50c in a market the other day. I’m not really sure what it’s about (I’m not very good with synopses, I just tend to either go, “Ooh pretty cover let’s read that,” or “I just want to try this one. Dunno why.”) I saw your name and knew I wanted to try one of your books at some point, and seeing as it was cheap I thought “Why not?”

I started your book 6 months ago, then got bored around page 80 (sorry, I am sure you don’t want to hear your book is boring) and then picked it up today randomly while I was eating breakfast. Then I read the whole thing in one sitting. Did I agree with all your writing advice? No. Some of it I did, and some of it I didn’t. But that’s how things are with everyone – you can’t always agree on everything even if one of them is Stephen King. Lots of the advice I had already heard around but what I liked most about reading it was that I liked seeing how it implied personally to you. If that doesn’t make me sound too stalkerish.

The best bit in my opinion was a couple of pages at the end. I’m not sure you will like some appealing to your retelling of your accident as ‘the best bit’ but it’s the truth. I’m not saying I can relate to this (I have been hit by a car more than once but I was cycling and well the effects were never terribly bad) but I feel like I can on some level. I inwardly cringed when hearing the diagnosis of your injuries. But that wasn’t the ‘best’ bit I had mentioned. It was the recovery.

I have a younger sister who is disabled and they say she won’t be able to walk again (believing that is another matter. I always have hope) and well, any kind of disability is one that I feel like I can understand even if I am not my little sister. I have been at her side through the highs and the lows, and when she needs something she is probably calling me to get it. I don’t mind that. But well, hearing your recovery story was uplifting. I like how you pulled through it. I like how you went back to writing. I also like how your wife was (and probably is) so supporting. If you ever do read this, make sure you say hi to her from me. I’m not quite your fan yet, though I might be after reading a fiction book of yours. But through reading On Writing I did become a fan of hers.

I’m working on my own novel called Eyes Wide Shut and I have a message I want it to deliver, which is something I feel quite strongly about. I’m not going to be sharing the details online because all kind of idea-thieves are out there, but even if your advice didn’t tell me anything new because I’d heard it one way or another, it did motivate me with my writing some more and I have a few new ideas of where I can take it after this.

So thank you for that.

Now let me go try and put some more effort in working that message board. It would be nice to leave it there even if you don’t see it in the end.

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Cinder (Review)

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Title: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1)
Author:  Marissa Meyer
Publisher:  Puffin
Published Date:  5th January 2012
Rating: 5 stars

Synopsis: A forbidden romance.

A deadly plague.

Earth's fate hinges on one girl . . .

CINDER, a gifted mechanic in New Beijing, is also a cyborg. She's reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister's sudden illness. But when her life becomes entwined with the handsome Prince Kai's, she finds herself at the centre of a violent struggle between the desires of an evil queen - and a dangerous temptation.

Cinder is caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal. Now she must uncover secrets about her mysterious past in order to protect Earth's future.

This is not the fairytale you remember. But it's one you won't forget.



Not really. I have plenty to say. Well, where to start? Firstly, I was super excited to read this book. I haven’t ever seen anything but four and five star ratings, and then I love a good retelling as well. Steampunk? Yes, please. When it comes to this book, all I wanted to say was yes please!

And it did not disappoint! Cinder was a good retelling of Cinderella with so many twists in it, which kept me happy! The plague was an interesting add to the story. It kind of gave the whole book more of a dystopian feel (steampunk, retelling, dystopia, fantasy… lots of genres melded into this book perfectly.) It was a scary idea and I liked its inclusion!

The beginning of this book will draw you in from the beginning and will not let you go until the last page. The suspense is high in this one.

As for the characters, I have nothing but love. I did feel like there weren’t enough secondary characters. I can think of about six main characters and that is basically it when it comes to people we know personally. But those we do know are lovely. Prince Kai stole my heart. He was a prince, but not spoilt at all. He was angry and impulsive in his wording sometimes, but he was funny and kind and willing to give anyone a chance. Then there was Cinder, the cyborg mechanic. She was having a hard time pondering what it means to be human there as well as living her difficult like. There was no one I wanted to know more about in this novel, and she was a great protagonist who grew with the story. Torin was someone I liked. I loved how much he supported Prince Kai with seemingly no question of trying to steal power or anything. Iko was a cheeky android who I loved. She was basically human! ^^

The funny thing about the plot is that it is quite predictable in one aspect. We were given a hint to something, and I knew what it would be immediately and that wouldn’t be a surprise. I was right, as well. But it wasn’t necessarily about finding out what that revealing was supposed to be, but more so about everything that happened in between. The journey is important in this book, and the journey has plenty of plot twists that I didn’t see coming in there as well. The end revealing isn’t as important, even if it is predictable.

The idea of the Lunars. So cool. Where did Marissa Meyer pull this idea from?

I don’t think I have much else to say. The world building was done reasonably well, but it was more so the types of people you could get than the world which was stressed on importance.


Feels got me like...

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Inconceivable (Review) & 1000 Bloglovin Followers Giveaway!

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Title: Inconceivable!
Author:  Tegan Wren
Publisher:  Curiosity Quills Press
Published Date: 16th November 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: A popular, young royal couple can't produce an heir? INCONCEIVABLE!

When Ozarks native Hatty goes “whole hog” during karaoke, she catches the eye of Prince John. He isn’t what she expects the heir to a small European nation to be: he's affable, witty, and isn’t put off by her tell-it-like-it-is demeanor. Their flirtation should be short lived, but a force stronger than fate—Hatty’s newspaper editor—assigns her to cover the royals. After spending time together, she and John soon begin dating, and Hatty finds herself making headlines instead of writing them. 

But challenges loom that are even more complicated than figuring out how to mesh Hatty's journalism career with life at Belvoir Palace. Hatty and John soon find themselves embroiled in an unusual sex scandal: they can't produce an heir. Tabloids dub Hatty a “Barren-ess,” and the royals become irate. Hatty politely tells them to shove it. But beneath her confident exterior, she struggles to cope with a heartbreak that invades her most intimate moments with John. Pressured to choose between invasive medical procedures and abandoning John’s claim to the throne, the couple feels trapped until a trip to Ethiopia shows them happy endings sometimes arrive long after saying “I do.”

Review: Before we get started with this review, look at that cover. LOOK AT IT. Admire its beauty and as you read the novel, learn how it is so applicable.

This meant so much to me, mostly because I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. This book is fun and flirty, and yet has a meaningful story to it as well. When it comes to romance and royals it kind of is my weak point. I went into this novel not knowing anything about it, so it made me interested!

The main character, Hatty, stole my heart straight away. She’s the kind of girl who says what is on her mind immediately and has absolutely no filter. She does have her shaky moments but she is mostly confident and fun, really upbeat! When we meet her she belts her heart a karaoke at a bar while singing a Natasha Bedingfield song. If that doesn’t steal your attention right away, then maybe the flirting and banter that happens between her and Prince John before she even knows who he is will. I love when flirting and banter is playful and humorous, and this book masters it. She also finds herself in awkward situations pretty often which was a good laugh.

Seeing as Hatty is a reporter it brought a good insight into the journalism life and what happens there – the inner workings and how it goes. Hatty being a reporter also created a bit of conflict seeing as she was supposed to be the one reporting on John’s life and all, and well, the royal family doesn’t usually take too well to reporters. So her profession did put a spin on things.
Hatty's life motto.

John was a nice character and even though he did have his difficult moments where he was struggling himself, his love for Hatty was always evident. There was a constant war waging in him when it came to what he was required to do as a successor to the throne and what he wanted to do. He also played harp like me so YAY bonus points for him! Hatty is someone who likes reading as well, so double bonus points all round!

The writing style was fun and playful which perfectly reflected Hatty’s personality and matched the tone of the story too. The romance was a bit explicit. It wasn’t exactly an NA romance but it wasn’t an entirely clean one either, if you get what I mean.

The secondary characters were nice and all, but they fell a bit flat to me which is why I had to give the book four stars. They were simply there and I wanted some more detail to go into them. Halfway through the book we get a five month time jump which was a bit jarring but it was completely necessary so I understood why the author included it. It did mean that we skipped over Hatty adjusting to suddenly being in the limelight as she dated John and having all the reporters flock to her as well. I wish we had seen that, but I guess one book can’t always include absolutely everything.

The author herself writes that she has struggled with infertility herself, and that theme is so perfectly handled and portrayed in this book you can tell it is tapping into some personal emotion and thoughts. It must have taken a lot of strength for her to right this, so I commend Wren for doing so. The pressure, the emotions, the pain… everything that women go through trying to get pregnant when nothing seems to be working. As well as that, Hatty is a royal so she has the pressure of needing to deliver a successor for the throne or some very harsh consequences are applied. It feels wrong to call it ‘suspense’ but that was what was building as I was basically hoping that with every medical treatment something would work and Hatty would be pregnant. The stress tore at me.

I don’t feel like my review does this book justice. Throughout it all, the love between John and Hatty was never doubted. I liked seeing a couple who rode over their hard times together instead of taking a break of pushing each other away. It was a nice change and I do believe in relationships like that too. This book was the first book I have read in a while where all I wanted to do was read. I pushed away other things that kind of needed doing so that I could finish this book!

My wrap up note is based on the authors note of the book. Tegan Wren is donating half the royalties that this book earns to two charities which help cover the costs for treatment that is given to women who are having trouble conceiving and need to pay costly treatments in attempts to get pregnant. It’s a very worthy cause, and you would get to read this wonderful book as well. So if that doesn’t sway your judgment, I hope this review and the charity addition has. I loved it and I hope you would too. The author is too kind.

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Hoarding Catastrophe: So Many Books, So Little Time

I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend this week!

When it came to my Hoarding Catastrophe, I wanted to have been able to claim I bought fewer books and that my haul for this month was smaller than ever. And it had been like that... until last week when I suddenly acquired all the books. That aside, I still believe I received fewer books then usual. So here we go!

Bookish Things: My ploy for this month was to spend money buying bookish merchandise and bookish things instead of actual books. It didn't really work because this time round I just bought both >.> I really love this new necklace though!

The books: I am not sure how many have noticed but in an attempt to buy fewer books I have been getting graphic novels quite a lot. Well, my sister is superhero crazy and she must be infecting me a bit because I got there four comics this month as well! I also got some lovely books. I have already read The Maze Runner series but I love them so much, so I wanted to own them and do a reread. I also am almost finished reading Clockwork Angel so I got the rest of the series!

The Kill Order - James Dashner
The Maze Runner - James Dashner
The Scorch Trials - James Dashner
The Death Cure - James Dashner
Delirium - Lauren Oliver 
Welcome, Reluctant Stranger - E. Journey 
Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare
Sally's Candy Addiction - Sally McKenney 

Freebie! I only got one of these. This mystery looked too good to pass up. 

52 Steps to Murder - Steve Demaree

Review Copies! This is the fewest amount of review copies I have gotten for a month in a while! Which makes me feel quite happy. 3 of the eight are graphic novels as well, which means I will race through them. So even though my physical haul was pretty big, my ebook one was much smaller than usual. 

Inconceivable - Tegan Wren
Angelus - Sabrina Benulis 
Daughters of Ruin - K. D. Castner   
The Way I Used to Be - Amber Smith 
Draw the Line - Laurent Linn
Frankenstein Underground - Mike Mignola 
Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon - Sylvain Cordurie
The Bathory Curse - Renee Lake 

Olivia's Question: What books have you recently bought?

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Crafty and Cooking Messes: Alice in Wonderland Artwork

Hello everyone ^.^

Today I really wanted to have prepared a proper cooking and crafty messes post for you all. I really have been neglecting this meme and basically haven't had much time for it at all - which is why I wanted to have prepared something. But life has been hectic and that hasn't happened yet, which is why today I am going to share some Alice in Wonderland inspired drawings with you all instead. I drew these in the summer holiday, which was a while back, but I did always intend to share them with you. Which is why you can see some of my process as to how I get to the final drawings as well! Hope you enjoy.

So first I decided to draw a child version of Alice in a kneeling cute position. This is the sketch I used to get the form of what the body should look like. 

I got a little distracted with this drawing because I had never drawn a character in this position, and it was pretty hard for me! I ended up forgetting to take more photos. But this is the finished result in black and white. 

And now with colour!

The second drawing I made was a young adult kind of Alice. She's a teenager, and she is lying down and surrounded by cards and so on. I wanted to have her in a lying position, but not in an easy one. I also wanted to put some more focus on her dress and outfit. So this is the beginning sketch of her body and position.

Then I focused on making her face and her expression. When it comes to manga drawing (the type of art I am best at) I really like the face and hair the most. I put a lot of time into her eyes and hair. I wanted a big and flourishing hairstyle as well. 

The next thing I did was work on her dress. I did this before I finished her hair and some other parts of her body because I knew it was going to be the front part of the picture. Her hair would fall behind her dress, and her legs were underneath it, so I felt like doing what was going to be a forward focus first. I put a lot of time and detail into the dress, and that took me more than an hour to get finished and right! I looked at a lot of Alice in Wonderland pictures to know what kind of dress design I wanted as well. 

Afterwards it was time to put in her legs and and arms. Once I did that I got to out a lot of time and effort into her hair which again, took me quite a while. Usually Alice is wearing trainers or simple shoes, but my Alice is cool, so she is wearing books with have a space-themed kind of design. She's also holding the pocket watch in one hand and a bottle of something labelled 'eat me' in the other. Don't ask me how she is supposed to eat something that comes out of a bottle - I don't think I was thinking too carefully when I added in that detail.  

Finished the background as the next time! She is now surrounded by lots of flying cards. I challenged myself to make one or two of them Queens and Jokers where you could actually identify them. I had a bit of fun with that. This was quickly turning out to be one of my best drawings, so I put time into it. 

I took some "finished" photos and close ups at this stage because this was a favourite drawing of mine and I wasn't sure about adding colour to it... but I did in the end, as you'll see in the last picture. 

This is the final drawing with some colour to it as well! I colour with colouring pencils, so the most fun I had with this was trying to add in lots of shades to her hair, and decided to make the dress white for the most part, with some darker colours mixed in there. 

I hope this post was still fun for you! I'll work harder at the cooking and crafting soon, I promise x

New Video! Winter, the final book in a series I love by Marissa Meyer came out recently! I made my video a book review of Fairest, the novella of the series, in order to celebrate!

Olivia's Question: Do you like drawing or colouring?

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