Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Real Life - dreary and boring?

 Is life boring? Can life even be boring?

Personally, I like to think my life is never boring. I've been to interesting and unique places, I learn more about culture and in school (yes school) I learn a lot about various things everyday. Especially things that matter to me personally, which is one of the benefits of international schools. I also have a loving family, but even if nothing eventful happens in one day, I can definitely say my life is not boring.

Many people believe their life is dull and grey, and they don't experience anything fully. I believe these people are often looking at things day to day, instead of gathering the big picture. I mean, imagine all the friendships, knowledge and skills you're growing every day, just waiting to spill out and affect the world on a large!

Can living even be boring? There's eating and moving and breathing and the brain and body parts just in this category. I don't see how you can go a whole day without wondering how any part of your body, inner or outer, works. I mean, did you know that you breathe from one nostril at a time? You swap approximately every four hours! And breathing more from your left than your right may be related to diabetes! Interesting huh? And that's just one nostril, or part of what a nostril can do. If you can't enjoy life, might as well enjoy at least living to the full, by appreciating it.

Don't look day to day, look at the big picture. Is your life really dull and grey? If you believe that, tell me why! Maybe I can help you see things my way, or vice versa. I also like a good discussion.  can relate to more than you think~ Try me!

Olivia-Savannah x

(photo creds: http://weheartit.com/entry/20409793, fact creds: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/03/about-85-of-people-only-breathe-out-of-one-nostril-at-a-time/)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Hello, hello and hello to you too.

I'm not really sure how you're supposed to start off a blog. I guess I should start by why it's called Catastrophe. Well... I couldn't think of what I wanted my blog to be called, and I like the word catastrophe. It's so nice to say isn't it? Or maybe I'm just weird. Anyways, that's why it's called that. I do not have some big life problem happening right now. Luckily for me.

What shall I be posting about, you ask? Lot's of things. Stuff I do, things I'm interested in. It may be totally random. Expect to see quite a bit about nail polish in there because that's one thing I love. And reading. And writing. Hmm... basically a lot about my hobbies will be here. Fun facts and random other stuff. Basically: expect the unexpected.

I can't tell you much about myself. I'm a fourteen year old girl who has just started school (as of today) I listen to all types of music and when I say all I mean ALL. I play the harp and I cannot sing to save my life. I play basketball because it's the safest way to release anger. (If I have any...) Mostly because it's just fun! But if you really want to know more about myself the best thing to do would be read the rest of this blog!

So I shall end here and stop the awkward reflecting thoughts I am having on myself before they splurge into this blog. See you around, folks.

Olivia-Savannah x