Saturday, 29 March 2014

Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag!

Morning my friends ^^

Today I'm going to fill out a tag. I was tagged by the lovely Beverley from Tutusandballet shoes which is a blog I love reading :) I guess I should just get right on with the questions! Although the only beauty I really do on this blog (and in real life) is nails

001. Name a beauty regime you rarely do.
I'm going to choose the one I would be least likely to do, and never have done. That would be apply foundation or concealer. Firstly, all the hassle of finding your skin tone... and then if it isn't close enough I don't really like how it looks. So yeah, I just let my skin be natural although I try to avoid zits as much as possible (and fail at that 50% of the time) 

002. Is washing your brushes something you do regularly?
I don't have any brushes! D:

 003. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
Not too long really :P I like to repaint my nails every week so I try to do that if I have time, and most times I make time. I also will just remove it for my natural week (where I don't paint my nails). So chipped nails only lasts a week and if I'm REALLY too busy maybe two.

 004. How long will you put off buying/replacing a nail polish, even if you need it?
I wouldn't xD I buy nail polish I don't need all the time because I fall in love with some colours and lately brands too. So yeah, I just buy buy buy and I should really stop soon xD

 005. What is your worst beauty habit?
Hmm... my worst beauty habit would probably be getting things I don't need. I probably have a lifetime supply of nail polish, perfumes and lip losses by now :P
  006. Name something non-beauty related you put off doing all the time?
School work... I can procrastinate a lot when it comes to this. What do I do instead? Write, read, talk to people, watch an episode or a movie... it depends what subject and how daunting the task is. I'm trying to not procrastinate as much though!
 007. When going somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
I don't. Every day for school it takes me two hours to get ready. In all defense I do have to help my lil sis get ready too. But I don't know why it takes me so long, especially as I don't have much make up to apply at all :P

 008. Can you commit to spending bans?
Yes I can! I'm brilliant at saving money. My one thing I can never put a spending ban on is books, movies or nail polish. Oh eee that's quite a lot of things actually... but I only buy books in hauls when we go on holidays, so get rid of books. But movies and polish...

 009. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection?
It was super organized. I have this shelf where I put all my polish together and then it's colour coded. So all the pinks lined up, all the reds, and so on. I messed it up the other day because I was looking for this one particular colour but I'll tidy it up today.

010. What is the longest amount of time you have gone without writing a blog post?
Two weeks? That's without posting because I didn't have internet connection. But writing would probably be three or four days so far :{

I'm going to tag 5 people! So here you go:




Make Up & Mutts


Olivia-Savannah x

Disclaimer: all images are not mine and found on Pinterest 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Owl Liploss!

Hi there Catastrophes!

Owls, owls, owls I love them. I have a locket with an owl on it, a bracelet, earrings, a bag with an owl on it, and now three little cute owls in my room too! I have them hanging on my wall – everywhere! Partly it’s got something to do with my favourite Greek goddess, Athena, who’s symbol is an owl. But I love how they symbolize wisdom. I love that their heads can creepily turn all the way around, their sound and of course, their wings are awesome. Have you ever seen an owl take flight?

Owls are just awesome. And as well as the mustache phase, suddenly they’ve become a symbol used in shops a lot too. Suits me just fine – perfect. I recently bought from BHS some lovely owls. These three friends. You’re probably wondering what they are any use for. If you turn them upside down and open the lid, you can see that they are liplosses! Blueberry, raspberry and strawberry flavoured. They’re cute, small and easy to carry around. As well as that, it’s flavoured liploss that doesn’t tint colour wise. Yes, there is a small amount of glitter though. I’m not a big one for colour tints in liploss. It just needs to be simple to satisfy me.
I highly recommend these little cheap beauties <3>


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

All things Great and Small tag!

Hey folks! Another tag :P This will be the last for a while I promise. Also, I won't be posting because I'll be away in.. Cyprus! Playing basketball and hopefully soaking up some sun too :P

I was tagged by a good friend Manisha from Escaping through Ink. Although the only make up I really bother with is nail polish, I’ll try my best :3

What makes you want to blog?

I started blogging because I just wanted to share what I do with the world basically, get out there. Now that I’m actually in the blogging world I realize just how many blogs are out there and how much I love reading others. I get inspired and sometimes things happen to me that I just can’t wait to tell you all. So, I write because I like to share ^^

Your morning skin routine.

Well, it’s nothing extravagant. I was my face with water and usually apply Clearasil or exfoliate with Clean&Clear. Sometimes I used Cocoa butter because Clearasil usually dries out your face and this helps apply a bit of moisture. It’s also really good for healing zit marks left behind. But sometimes I don’t because unless you apply a really thin layer it’s super shiny and it’s hard to get right

Your favorite Blogger.

Favourite? I’m not sure I have one because I read a ton of different blogs. Medical wise I would have to say PositiveMed. If it was nails-wise I recently discovered I loved Fixin to Faff. If it’s just for cool stuff I love BoredPanda and I follow tutusandballetshoes as well J So, it really depends what type of blog you mean. I’m so bad at favourites as well -.-

A beauty product you can't live without? 

Any brand of nail polish. I need at least two okay? Or ten…

Your favourite drugstore makeup brand? 

Let’s say this refers to nail polish. Right now the brand I like a lot is Catrice.

Your favorite high-end make up brand?

Again, according to nails I like Rios Professional nail art kit. But that’s about as high end as I get.

What is your staple wardrobe item? 

Leggings, jeggings and usually anything formal works for me :D

The blogs I am tagging!

Fixinto Faff
Alex Quinn


Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Food Tag!

I hope you are all having a good weekend!Because of the blogger challenge this week,
decided I'd take a different approach to the
topic food and start my own tag! So here
are this or that questions, 37 of them! I will
tag five people at the bottom and hopefully
it will go on and on, who knows ;)
1.      Beer or wine? Neither… I’m fifteen ;)

2.      French fries or potato chips? French fries every time ;)

3.      Fried or scrambled eggs? Fried! With powdered sugar… please tell me there is someone out there who does this too!

4.      Caramel or Vanilla? Ooh this a toughie… caramel!

5.      Fruit or vegetables? Vegetables. Fruit is good but I could eat an endless amount of veggies.

6.      Chinese or Indian? Chinese!

7.      Still or sparkling water? Still… sparkling is blegh.

8.      Taco or Burrito? I’ve never eaten either of them :’(

9.      Chicken wings or legs? Wings ^^

10.   Cheetos or Quavers? Both? Pretty pretty please!

11.   Hot Chocolate or chocolate? Hot chocolate of course! What’s better than chocolate… than drinking it? D:

12.   Cream soda or Fanta? Fanta! Cream soda is horrible :D But ginger beer tops them all!

13.   Ravioli or lasagna? Lasagna of course! Oh the melted cheese…

14.   Jellybeans or jellybabies? I’ve given up sweets but I would have to say jellybeans.

15.   Dominos or Pizza Hut? I don’t like pizza! But Pizza Hut has far better pasta options ;)

16.   Toast or French toast? I don’t like bread much either… I’m starting to sound like the picky eater I am -.-

17.   Sponge Cake or Chocolate Cake? Sponge!!! I like chocolate bars, but chocolate flavoured things not so much. Brownies excepted of course.

18.   M&M’s or Skittles? Skittles any day! M&M’s are horrible!

19.   Whipped cream or warm custard? Warm custard… apple pie and warm custard is the bestest <3 o:p="">

20.   Peanut Butter or Nutella? NEITHER THEY ARE BOTH HORRIBLE

21.   White or Dark chocolate? White, always. Even though technically it’s not chocolate…

22.   White or Brown bread? When I am forced to eat it, always white!

23.   McDonald’s or KFC? … Burger King? McDonald’s fries are okay, and Morley’s is good. Just not KFC, give me anything but KFC!

24.   Milkshake or smoothie? Smoothie! Milkshakes are only good in vanilla flavour J

25.   Blackberries or blueberries? Both… with raspberries too please.

26.   Salted or sweet popcorn? Salted!

27.   Lemons or lime? Lemon ^^ Because you only know what to do when life hands you lemons, not lime!

28.   Spinach or brussel sprouts? Brussel sprouts are delicious spinach is ew so I guess that’s clear!

29.   Ketchup or mayonnaise? Ketchup. Wait till you figure out what’s in mayonnaise…

30.   Eggs or bacon? BACON GIMME MORE BACON #Teambacon

31.   Doughnuts with icing or jam in the middle? Icing… mmm…

32.   Ham or bacon? BACON STILL GIMME MORE BACON #teamham as well because that’s what I loved when I was a toddler and I still do xD

33.   Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes…

34.   Coffee or Tea? Being British I guess the only way forwards is tea because I love it.

35.   Orange juice or apple juice? Apple of course.

36.   Salt or pepper? Pass the salt please!

37.   Do you love food? YUS. Just yes. J

This made me hungry… I nominate five people, and then you do it and nominate another five!

Nominations to: Lisa
See you on Tuesday for another tag! :)
 Olivia-Savannah x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Intouchables: Movie Review

Hey there! Y’know I can never think of a better greeting than this :D

I’m here to mention a movie I watched, called Intouchables. It’s a French movie, and I watched it with Dutch subtitles. I don’t know about there being an English version, but I sincerely hope there is, because this is great film. It’s one of those films that are based on a true story as well, which makes me all the more for it.
I hope I can do it justice. This story follows a man called Driss (played by Omar Sy) who is from difficult conditions, and his family is large and falling apart. His mother worries too much about him and his brother is in the wrong crowd. Looking for work, he works for a millionaire called Phillippe. There is only one catch – Phillipe is paralyzed from his chest and shoulders downwards. He can’t feel a thing. 

Driss’s energy and opinions as well as culture greatly influence Philippe as they become fast friends. But Driss also learns something from Philippe’s refined and formal taste. Seeing their friendship and how the both change each other’s lives is an inspiration. This whole film is inspirational. And being a true story, it’s all more for pulling at your heart strings.
There isn’t much more I can say. Just mention that it’s rated a twelve, and that I majorly suggest it.
Olivia-Savannah x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Life is AMAZING!

No really you guys. It is.

I had a totally different idea for this post yesterday, but after waking up this morning I decided it needed a change. I'll explain why.

This morning I crawled out of bed, kind of annoyed that I was going to have to go out early again to do my newspaper round. I hadn't done it last week because of holiday, but really, I just didn't want to do it though. Once I started, I was walking down the street in the darkness. There was thin mist everywhere, and the sky just looked fantastic. I watched had my music playing, and since no one else was awake I was singing out loud and rocking out ^^ I saw the sky change colours from dark to light blue and then it was sunny and warm. And I was delivering newspapers to some people who were relying on me to get their papers. I was happy! The world is so beautiful! And that was just in small things!

Two days ago, I was all the way in England, visiting my family. We laughed, ate out and had a blast (you'll hear more about it later on.) So what if I have school on Monday, and tons of homework to do by then? -.- Okay maybe that is a bit of a downer. And this isn't one of those posts where I'm going to say always be happy, because being unhappy is a waste of time.

I think it's human to be unhappy. But when you are happy, relish in those moments. They're usually the best. Look around you today and admire the beauty that's there. Life is AMAZING when you choose to appreciate it. :)

Have a good weekend! Olivia-Savannah x 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

NOTD - City of Bones

Hello Lovelies!

So are you wondering why I haven’t posted on Saturday? And I why I probably won’t manage to post on Tuesday either? It’s because I’m away on holiday to Warrick, in England! So basically, I’m only managing to post this with temporary internet connection, and because I didn’t want to miss out on a blogger challenge! This week’s topic is NOTD – and for all those who don’t know what that means (it took me months in the blogger world to get this myself) it means Nails of the day. Like how OOTD means outfit of the day J

I am fan of City of Bones by Classandra Clare. The whole Mortal Instruments series I absolutely adoreeeeee! I wasn’t so pleased with the casting for the  
movie, especially Jace. But the movie? It wasn’t too bad because I laughed and laughed… and well it was hilarious! Not because it was brilliant but oh well – I still like the series! After I watched the movie for the first time I just wanted to reflect it on my nails, so this was the result: (btw, the colour is from Catrice. Affordable and quality brand!)
On my pointy fingers I painted hearts, and on my other fingers I painted “runes: which are symbols the series uses. My pinky fingers had the symbol of a shadowhunter, and the other the parabatai symbol. I’m sure this means more to you if you’ve read the series ;) Either way, my challenge to you is to have fan art on your nails! Whether it’s Percy Jackson, Doctor Who or whatever – find what you like from it and have fun!
What are you a fan of? Have you ever had fan art nails?
Olivia-Savannah x