Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Girl, Missing (Book Review)

Hey there people ^^

Today I am going to review a whole series again. I actually just finished reading the third and final book in the trilogy, but I’m reviewing from the first. Otherwise, what sense would it make to you? The first book in the series is called Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie. And then it goes Sister, Missing as the second book, and the one I just finished called Missing Me. It’s a chick-lit type of story with action in it too.

The first book starts by following a 14 year old Lauren who is an adopted child. When she happens to go searching a missing child website, she sees a child called Martha Lauren Purditt who went missing two months before she herself was adopted. Curious to know more she embarks on a trip to discover who her biological parents are. Along the way she realizes her situation is a lot deeper and complicated than it looks at first glance because of some trouble she encounters. Lauren is also accompanied by her long standing best friend Jam, who she knows since forever. The series continues to follow Lauren as she grows up, and switches to the point of view of another major character for the last in the series, Missing Me.

The final book, in my opinion is nowhere near as good as the rest. Personally the main character (not Lauren in this case) annoyed me a bit, and the only one I really liked the story was because of a character called Wolf. He seemed so realistic, passionate and calm, I could really relate to how much I would love a friend like that. The second book was definitely the best out of them all, and the first was good too. But this is only my opinion ^^

Lauren is a strong-willed girl, who is independent to everyone else. Of course, at time she needs a shoulder to lean 
on like anyone else, but she will always try it on her own at first. This is what drew me so much to her as a character. Lauren’s ability to try and attain anything, no matter what is in the way, is outstanding. It was a pleasure to read from her perspective and travel along the story with her.

What I liked so much about this series was how it heavily weighed on family in such an exciting way. It deals with many concepts, such as family problems, as well as being adopted or other forms of birth where you end up living with parents who aren’t yours biologically. It also managed to capture enough action and a bit of romance in there too to satisfy me. It has a bit of everything, and it was fun to read. I would definitely rate the whole series a four out of five for me :D

Olivia’s Question: If you could only remember one thing about your parents for the rest of your life, what would you choose to remember?

Olivia-Savannah x
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How to: Be Organised!


This weeks topic for the Bloggers do it better challenge is organization. I may not be the most organized person in the world, but I do have my methods. I've thought of a few do's and don'ts I picked up during my spring cleaning.

Why should we bother?
It's important to ask yourself that question first. But the answer is an easy one: because it saves time! No more running around looking for this or that, or wondering where you last put it. Everything has it's specific place. Also, isn't it nice to have things tidy for once? ;)


1. Categorise
Yes, I do mean have all the books go in one place and all the DVDs in another. All the pens in a pencil case, and all the pencil cases in one place. It's so much easier when the same group of things are all in the same space.

2. Take time into consideration
This is referring to organizing a schedule. It's important to think about time. Yes, there may be a lot you want to do in one day, but do note that each day is only 24 hours, and you need your sleep time, eating time and occasionally, those breaks. Also, make sure every task does have a suitable time period to get it done in as well. Better to over-estimate than under-estimate.

3. Declutter first
When organizing a room, make sure you get all the useless little things out of the way before sorting through the more important stuff. It takes longer this way, but makes the second part of organizing after the decluttering much easier.


1. Over schedule
A feeling I hate having is a unproductive day, or feeling like I failed at doing all I've been meaning to do. What's the best way to avoid this? It's to make sure I don't schedule to do too many things in the same day. Make sure you know you're capable of completing your list.

2. Try and do it all in one day
When organizing a room, you don't have to have a spring clean sit down and do it all in one day! Take your time, do it bit by bit. As long as it gets done in the end, then you've done a good job.

3. Worry if it looks worse before getting better
It's just a stage of the organizing. It'll pass, and you'll be pleased with the results.

4. Let it get disorganized again.
Once you've put in all this effort, you don't want it to go to waste! Keep it clean and you won't have to do this again :)

Olivia's Question: Are you an organized person?

Olivia-Savannah x
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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Camping in Amsterdam!

Hey there guys!

You may or may not be wondering why there was no usual Tuesday post. Well, let me tell you - I was off camping! That's right, me, probably one of the most un-camperish people you can know went camping with my whole class in Amsterdam. So, I decided to let you know what we did, and show you some pictures!

We took photos in traditional Dutch clothing, cycled 46km, had a BBQ, went to a theme park (Walibi World!) and just chilled all together. It was super fun ^.^

This is us cycling the 46km... it was actually a really nice ride, and the surroundings were nice.
Chilling in Volendam, a traditional Dutch village.
Mah besties with one behind the camera too xD
Walking around town with the gang ^.^
Of course, there was going to be a cheese shop somewhere. I mean, this is the Netherlands.

Those photographic moments :P
Le campsite
And some snaps of rides in Walibi World!
Olivia's Question: Have you been to Amsterdam? Would you ever want to go to the Netherlands?
Olivia-Savannah x