Saturday, 30 August 2014

Top 10: Things I learned from The Incredibles

Hi folks!

In the light of rewatching one of my favourite movies, The Incredibles, I decided to do another top 10 post of things I picked up in the film :) So sit back, enjoy, and then go and watch the film yourself! I am almost 100% sure you will love it as much as I do.

1. A family is the best team you're ever going to get.

 2. Us girls can save the world too ;)


3. Never look back. There's too much going for you in the future and the present.

4. Who you are matters.

5. Deal with the things that bother you in the past instead of burying them. Otherwise they will come back and bother you again.

6. Things that even look like spiders are still evil.

7. Your wife is gonna be the greatest good you ever get!

8. Different is great!
9. Pull yourself together! Confront your problems instead of moaning about them.

10. A girl will always find the time to stop and check her reflection.

Now you better go and watch the movie! I almost guarantee that you will enjoy it a lot by the end of it. It left me thinking:

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Angeions (Book Review) & Giveaway!

Hi there everyone!

You guys should go check out my first guest post over on Words Unlimited!

Today I am going to be reviewing an ebook called ‘Angeions’ by Inspirus Mwanake. I picked this up because the author himself asked me to review this. Regardless of this, it doesn’t affect the review whatsoever, because I always review honestly.

This books is about Nick, who meets Aella after having a mysterious dream. Once he finds her, his world spirals into one where magic, war, and spiritual realms exist. Where Gods and Fallen angels battle each other on earth, against the human’s knowledge. Once his eyes have been open to all this, Nick has a choice to make. Which side will he battle on? Will the beautiful Angeion (human beings with the ability to free their spirits from their bodies and manipulate the forces of nature in amazing ways) Aella affect his decision, or will the villain Aquarius writhe his way into his heart?

When it comes to the characters, I was slowly drawn in. Aella is a character you can fall in love with quickly. She’s ladylike and graceful, but you wouldn’t want to cross her in a fight because she definitely knows how to kick butt! She loves her family, but when she is faced with her own choice when it comes to love, she struggles more than she thought she would. I think it was the perfect way to show it can be difficult to accept love at first, especially the type that doesn’t just relate to family. She was my favourite character, and I believe she developed the most throughout the story as well. Nick was a good character, but apart from the beginning and then, we don’t read too much into his point of view, so I couldn’t quite match him to her.

As for the plot… at first I thought it was going along the basic storyline. Then at one point the plot hook sunk right into me and I was drawn on from there. We get some lovely flashbacks with supply a lovely backstory to the characters (gotta love backstory ^^) and the suspense got to me! There was an amazing plot twist which I would’ve never seen coming, and had me staring at my kindle for a while, begging for it to not be true! I won’t give any spoilers though, so you will have to see for yourself ;)

The setting isn’t wonderfully described, but the new concept of Anegions as a being made up for it. Learning the extent of their abilities and the possibilities was a great journey. There was also some biblical references I believe, which you can dig out for yourself ^.^ I think the thing that struck me the most was how much darkness there was in this world, and the fact that only a few good things came from it.

Overall, I would rate this book a three out of five stars because took a while for the hook to sink in. Not that it was a slow beginning, but it just wasn’t as captivating as the middle or the end.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

1st Blogiversary & Giveaway!

Hi there guys!

I'm going to be writing a very short post today! One reason is because school starts soon (on Wednesday) and I have a busy day ahead. Another because all I really want to mention is that today is my 1 year blogiversary! On top of that, I recently hit over 10,000 pageviews!

Last year, when my 14 year old self said, "It's time to start a blog again and do it properly" I never thought I would really last this long. Seeing as I would like to be an author and lots of advice books say 'build an audience, start a blog' I decided I have the time and would be interested. On top of that, I was thinking about careers and was following my dad into internet marketing. The two fit perfectly xD

And now here I am! I've learned an awful lot, about how much effort maintaining a blog actually takes, how hard it is to come up with ideas and how to manage getting review ARCs. But most of all, I love my followers! ^.^

To those email subscribers, you da best!
Bloglovin followers, I don't know where I'd be without you :)
Email subscribers, Pinterest followers and twitters, I love you all too :P


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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Legacy: Glow (Book Review & Giveaway!)


For my first ever giveaway here on Olivia’s Catastrophe I will be reviewing Legacy: Glow by Phillip Mcsween. This was a requested review but as always I write with the freedom of honesty for the benefit of my readers.

This sci-fi book follows Bartok and Klarvid, two brothers who live on Lyre where everyone is separated by rank. Bartok, a fourteen year old finds it hard to get by being an Eight of Diamonds in a world where Face ranks rule. But when there is an opportunity to become a Guardian, a new top ranking job, Bartok can’t wait to take it. Then he finds out the catch to his plan of fame and wealth: he has to take his six year old brother Klarvid along for the ride as well. That aside, can he make it through the Testing and become the amazing role of a Guardian?

 At the beginning of the story I found it a little bit difficult to catch on with all the slang language they were using in this new world. But then I quickly caught on because the words were similar to the English ones and just little replacements. Once I realised this I started to enjoy the book a whole lot more. I liked the idea of people trying to break out of what had been labelled their ‘rank’ and also the idea of having to work with family whether wanting to or not. As well as this, the book also briefly touches on lots of other topics as well as they go through the Testing and other difficulties. Yes, there is some action in this book, but what I enjoyed most was seeing a family come together and the idea of people breaking out of their label. I think it’s a lesson we can also learn and apply in this world too.

The characters were a bit hard for me to relate to as well, but you can really see them develop throughout the story too. I think my favourite has to be Bartok because he is really a loving guy who wouldn’t want to harm the people he loves and tries to protect them. I believe that through this aspect of him I managed to find myself as well. As for Klarvid, he’s really intelligent and also someone who really looks up to other people – as most six year olds would do. Sometimes I found that he really didn’t act like a six year old but older, which didn’t really fit.

The writing style was a little simplistic at times and there were some typos in here, but the more I read, the less it mattered because the story was really coming alive by then. The ending will definitely keep hold of you until you find out the truth about what has been happening and the story behind the mystery.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Perfect Portugal!

Hey there!
So again, you must be curious about my activity which suddenly dropped once again. Well, I was on holiday, this time in Portugal on a family trip! While I was there it didn't take me long to realise that Portugal is a really beautiful country, even though it is a little bit dry. I loved my time there and we did all sorts of fun things - from boat trips to jeep safaris, and plenty of meals out as well ^.^
The villa we were staying at was pretty beautiful in itself! Although I did get bitten by a lot of mosquitos, it was a good place to stay :3

The villa had a pool and well, swimming is fun!

On the way to the beach...
The beach! (Credits to Clive Roach for this picture.)
I am carrying my sister at the beach because... that's just the type of thing older sisters make you do xD

Then we went to Foia, the highest place in Algrave (the region we were in) The view was amazing and the clouds looked so close! Oh, and this is a picture of me and all my sisters.

 This is some images of the jeep safari. We got to stand up in the car which was awesome :D I also learnt that cork grew on trees which was something I never knew before :D
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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Chasing China!

Hi there guys! The other day I hit 500 Bloglovin' followers, woohoo! Thank you for that :D Celebratory giveaways shall be coming soon...

So, I thought it was high time I explained why I suddenly took a three week break from blogging! I was on holiday :3 I went all the way to Xi'an, in China, and loved every moment! Initially I was very nervous because I was 15 and flying all the way over there... ALONE. But it worked out perfectly fine in the end. I would love to share a lot of pictures with you, but because of internet safety reasons concerning the people I was with, I only have a few!

A picture of the hands and names of the friends I made :)

It was a great trip because I got to go to the city center and got to talk to the locals, which was awesome. That way we got a good taste of culture and got to see the lifestyle of people here. It was nice to know strangers were curious about us and willing to take the time out of our day to show us China at heart :)

I did some awesome things I didn't expect to do, like have my first full body massage (super relaxing), see the terracotta warriors (super old and super interesting! Especially the historical story behind their making.) and went to a Muslim Market where I learnt how to bargain.

I met some awesome people and formed really close friends that I definitely want to keep in contact with! They helped me know what to buy and what not, what foods to try and of course, taught me how to use chopsticks ^^ I have to say, food wise, China has the best Fanta (the flavours!), milk, dumplings and burgers ever.

I would go again in the blink of an eye if I could!

Picture time :D

            The food was amazing!

Sometimes there were strange flavours of ice cream. This one is mayonnaise, beans and then peas. I didn't try this one...

Turntable meals are fun!

We were staying in dorms on campus. It was absolutely beautiful with the mountains in the distance.

The warriors!

This is the beginning of the Muslim Market. It gets busier :)
Olivia's Question: If you could go to China, where would you go and what would you want to see?

Olivia-Savannah x