Monday, 30 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: That's a Wrap!

Hello there everyone!

Welcome to the wrap up post for the Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon 2015! I hope you had fun this week going on the journey with us, and that your reading went well whether or not you were participating! There are some final questions for us and one last challenge. I'm going to start with the questions.

1. What was your page reading goal? How many pages did you end up reading?

My reading goal was to read Obsidian, Scarlet and Harry Potter book three. But I got a bit side tracked with some other books, and I only managed to start Harry Potter. But I did read the rest! I aimed for 350 and I ended up reading 883 pages! I'm pretty surprised with that myself.

2. What books did you read?

The books I managed to start and finish were Obsidian, Sacred and Scarlet. I had a few more pages to go for The Winner's Curse so I finished that one off. And then I read a little bit into Harry Potter #3 and Lord of The Flies.

3. What book was your most/least favourite?

My favourite had to be Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! And my least favourite had to be Lord of the Flies. Four chapters in and the story still isn't snagging me yet.

4. What challenge did you find the hardest to do?

Uhm, the alternate ending one! You can see I cheated on it below.

5. What challenge was the most fun to do?

For me that would have had to been the moral questions. I love answering things like that and I feel like I learn more about myself as well. And since the moral questions were based on books I feel like it helps people realize that there are some pretty difficult things faced in young adult books as well.

 6. Did you make any new blogging friends?

Definitely! If someone linked up in time for me to see it, then I would've commented! I met wonderful people like Vlora @ Reviews and Cake, Chantelle @ Oh, The Stories You'll Know and plenty more!

7. What was your biggest reading distraction? How did you get over it?

School. If school didn't exist than maybe I could've read even more. But alas, no way to escape that one.

 8. What was your reading schedule? Were you a morning or evening reader? Week or weekend?

Definitely weekend. I read the entirety of Scarlet in the two days off. And in the week, I was all for staying up at nights (as I had predicted, snuggled in my bed and reading.)

9. Are you and Bartimaeus still friends? Do you still want to keep hanging out after the read-a-thon is over or will you lock them away somewhere to maybe contact them again when the next read-a-thon comes around (if ever)?

No, we are very much not friends anymore. See below for more details after this interview-ish part.

 10. Would you do this again?

Taking this from the point of view of people running it, I think I would! I would post about it earlier on so more people would have time to choose whether or not they wanted to join us. But I would love to do something similar again!

Now for the challenge!

... Seeing as I have been such a diligent challenge-r and kept up with all my challenges. I have let myself off the hook with this one. I couldn't think of an ending or scene I wanted to rewrite. So instead, I am going to explain why me and Bartimaeus are no longer friends. It all started when I finished Scarlet...

Olivia: That book was amazing! Captain Thorne... Scarlet... Cinder... Wolf... I AM NOT OKAY *fangasms*
Bartimaeus: Alright girly, calm down there. It's just a couple pages of paper. I don't see what the fuss is all about.
Olivia: Of course you wouldn't understand.
Bartimaeus: How could I? You wouldn't let me read over your shoulder, even if I don't want to read that pathetic looking book anyway. And then as well as that, I'm tied to you! Sitting around as you turn page by page is boring.
Olivia: I didn't ask for you to be chained to me, demon.
Bartimaeus: We've gone through this whole demon thing time and time again. I don't call you human, do I? And yes, you did choose me. I think that book is causing you to suffer memory loss.
Olivia: You call me girly. That is bad enough.
Bartimaeus: Cool it, girly. Don't get your books in a twist.
Olivia: Is that even possible?
Bartimaeus: Watch and see *grabs my prized Scarlet paperback and twists it into an unrecognizable shape.*
Olivia: OH NO. YOU did NOT just ruin my copy of Scarlet. Please tell me you did not. Just. Do. That.

... for the safety of readers I shall have to cut the conversation short here. But you can understand that a lot of me handling a frying pan like Rapunzel and waking him around the head ensured after this.

Once again, thanks for joining along the read-a-thon with us!

Olivia's Question: What did you read this week?

Olivia-Savannah x

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Who are you?

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

I have been busy reading this weekend, and have made a lot more progress already than I seem to have made all week. Thank goodness for these two days.

Reading Update: Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L Armentrout- 268 pages [Finished Book]
                              Sacred by Ketley Allison - 73 pages [Finished Book]
                              The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski - 26 pages [Finished Book]
                              Scarlet by Marissa Meyer - 452 pages [Finished Book]

                              Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - 46 pages
                              Lord of The Flies by William Goulding- 18 pages

Without further delay, here's the personality quiz for Cinder! Which character are you most like?

Olivia's Question: What was your result?

Olivia-Savannah x

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Digging Deep

Hey there everyone!
Woohoo, it's weekend time and that means it is time to throw all the effort into reading. You've been holding on for so long I am certain you can make it all the way until the end!
Reading Update: Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L Armentrout- 268 pages [Finished Book]
                              Sacred by Ketley Allison - 73 pages [Finished Book]
                              The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski - 26 pages [Finished Book]

                              Stormbreaker (The graphic novel) adapted by Antony Johnson -
                              88 pages [Finished Book]
                              Lord of The Flies by William Goulding- 18 pages
                              Scarlet by Marissa Meyer - 230 pages

Today's challenge post is to answer some moral questions which might have arisen in the book. It was hard to dig deep and find some for Cinder, but now that I have thought about it wasn't so bad. It proves that even in lighthearted retellings and young adult books, there are sometimes deeper meanings in there as well. Without further ado, here are my questions and answers!
1. Should you compensate your own happiness for the good of the people?
Tricky questions are questions. I think that if I knew it was to the benefit of multiple other people, I would do it. Who would I be to make everyone else's life fall into imbalance just because of my own selfishness?
2. Should you really try to run away from your problems or face them?
I think you should always try to face your problems. Well, after you take a couple of minutes/days to stop being angry about them so that when you do face them, you face them calmly.
3. If someone close to you falls ill, and there is only one cure should you give it to them, or wait (endangering their life) till the cure can be replicated for others too?
I think we should wait for them to be replicated. I already know that anyone I would be willing to give it to would've answered the above question the way I would've as well. Which means make sure it gets replicated. Or give them a part of the cure so that they won't be endangered anymore.
4. In a relationship, does status matter?
NO. I am a strong believer that it doesn't.
5. Is world peace worth compensating independence?
I don't think so at all. I would rather we were all unique and free than living in peace but no longer truly being ourselves.
6. Does your race/family history affect your personality and who you are?
As much as some people may want to believe that it doesn't change anything, it does. I can already tell you that I don't eat cake on my birthday because it isn't part of our culture. And we don't have restrictions for time (it's all laid back) so I am terrible at being punctual. As for British, you can tell by how much I need tea in my life, or from the way I act in some cases. Yes, race and family history doesn't make up ALL your personality, but it does change some.
7. If you had a super power, should you use it?
Uh, this depends on the power. I think I would, just because I would like to be experimental and because super powers are so cool! If it was anything like Cinder's power I would try it out once, but then I wouldn't use it anymore.
8. Is love worth risking everything for?
No I wouldn't say it was worth risking everything for. I wouldn't want to give up my friends, family and favourite hobbies for any man. I can love my man, but I can't push him ahead of absolutely everything.
9. Is lying to someone for their own safety acceptable?
Yes, it is. I would do it for their benefit, and maybe if I could I would tell them the truth later. Or maybe I can't tell them in the moment. But I would think it was okay.
10. Should marriage depend solely on love but also other factors?
Yes, other factors do come into play. I think culture does matter, and what your goals in life are. But I have a feeling I would only fall in love with someone who could fit all of these.
Olivia's Question: Should you compensate your own happiness for the good of the people? (And yes, I did steal this one from the list xD)

Olivia-Savannah x

Friday, 27 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: They Said What?


To everyone who is fending through the read-a-thon, I want to pat you all on the back! You're doing so well! Which is why today you have a day off when it comes to blogging to solely focus on all the reading you can do. Only three more days to go! Hope the reading has been coming along smoothly. 

Reading Update: Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L Armentrout- 268 pages [Finished Book]
                              Sacred by Ketley Allison - 73 pages [Finished Book]

                              The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski - 26 pages [Finished Book]
                              Lord of The Flies by William Goulding- 18 pages
                              Scarlet by Marissa Meyer - 58 pages

The challenge! Fill out this quiz! Head over to Bookshelf Reflections to find the Harry Potter one and also the Lux challenge!

Olivia's Question: What was your score?

Olivia-Savannah x

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Take Me Out!

Hey there!

I am super happy because I was able to do a lot more reading yesterday than I managed to do on other days. Yay! And when the weekend comes I am hoping to blow you all out of the water. :P

Reading Update: Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L Armentrout- 268 pages [Finished Book]
                              The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski - 26 pages [Finished Book]
                              Lord of The Flies by William Goulding- 18 pages
                              Scarlet by Marissa Meyer - 45 pages

                              Sacred by Ketley Allison - 24 pages

The challenge for today is to make some dating profiles! That means we describe a character to you as if creating a blind date suggestion, and then see if you can guess who these people are. Can you?

“I think we should talk about this calmly before making a decision..."
Age: Old enough
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Currently single... hence this profile of course.
Children: See above, although looking after this teenager could qualify on it's own.
Fitness/Body Type: My body works perfectly fine, thank you.
Education: A good school...
Income: Quite a lot. Working for the top people pays well ;)
Occupation: Somewhere in the palace, that's all I'll say.
Likes: Solving mind games, perceiving people.
Dislikes: Irrational or rash actions.
Looking for: Someone who can understand why I have to work so much, but can look after me when I am done looking after someone else.

“Go and do that.
Age: Never ask a woman her age, darling.
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Looking for another husband.
Children: Pearl and Peony... and that cyborg, sadly. Just a guardian of course, she's not really part of my family.
Fitness/Body Type: Slim and beautiful.
Education: School was all about those jocks, you know.
Income: I like taking other people's money.
Occupation: None. I tend to my children.
Likes: Shopping, dresses and make up.
Dislikes: Disobedience, being told what to do.
Looking for: A man to take care of me, hopefully with a lot of money too.

“I'm sure there is a reason for this."
Age: Classified information.
Gender: Male.
Relationship Status: Riding solo.
Children: None :( But everyone I tend to becomes my child, in a way.
Fitness/Body Type: Surprisingly, I am very young and fit although I do hear things from time to time.
Education: Only the best. How do you think I have landed my job?
Income: The palace supplies me with all I need.
Occupation: Anything medical.
Likes: Solving riddles, politics, news
Dislikes: Being unable to solve something, Lunars
Looking for: A woman who won't judge on personality or species, and someone who will support my demanding job.

Olivia's Catastrophe: What do you look for in datable book characters?

Olivia-Savannah x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Cast Away


I hope you are all still able to keep up with the reading. Personally, it hasn't been going amazing for me because school and personal things are really at it at the moment. But I will get there in time. I will!

Reading Update: Obsidian (Lux #1) - 232 pages
                              The Winner's Curse - 26 pages [Finished Book]

                              Lord of The Flies - 33 pages
                              Scarlet - 45 pages

Today's challenge was a simple one: cast the book characters! Seeing as so many people make movie adaptions and never choose the right actors/actresses, it's our turn to find the perfect people. I wonder if anyone else will have a similar casting list as me...

Cinder: Janel Parrish
She did a pretty good job in Bratz and I feel like she has the New Beijing feel down nicely.
Prince Kai: Alex Pettyfer
It just seems like the perfect role for him to play. I feel like his acting style from Beastly would be appropriate.
Torren: Hector Elizondo
I am thinking his Princess Diaries self. I can imagine this.
Peony: Chloe Grace Moretz
Apart from me absolutely loving this actress, she was the first person who came to mind.
Adri: Anne Hathaway
I do think Anne Hathaway can play mean roles if she needs to, and could do it well enough.
Pearl: Amanda Seyfried
Yes and yes.
Queen Levana: Charlize Theron
After her brilliant evil performance in Snow White and the Huntsmen, acting this role would be a breeze for her.
Sybil: Mila Kunis
I am not really a fan of hers, but she could do this easily.
Dr. Erland: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Because every film is better when he is in it. Ahem, I mean, Joseph in doctor gear? Yes please.

Olivia's Question: Who would you cast for the main character of the book you are currently reading?
Olivia-Savannah x


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Play Me That Music!

Morning everyone!

I hope the reading has been going well! It seems like I will have less time than expected due to school and other things (like recently coming back from a tournament abroad and then going to a concert the next day when school starts on Monday. Not the best idea, guys. It was still super fun! More on that later). Anyway, reading must commence. Here's the update:

Reading Update: Obsidian (Lux #1) - 158 pages
                              The Winner's Curse - 26 pages [Finished Book]

And now time for today's challenge! It was to make a playlist based on the book your reading. But seeing as Cinder is my featured book I am helping to run, I am going to be giving a playlist for that one! Without further ado, here are the selected songs with some favourite ones linked to their videos.

Olivia's Catastrophe Cinder Playlist
Numb - Linkin Park
Because I am sure Cinder might be tired of having to do all this work for others without feeling appreciated.
Hurt - Christina Augelira
Aside from this song being the beautifulness of beauty, I am sure it would be relevant because Cinder might blame herself for hurting other people.
Misguided Ghosts - Paramore
Another very emotional song. Reading Cinder made me feel like her character would be able to relate to this at the beginning of the book.
Playing God - Paramore
I think you get that I really like Paramore at this point xD This song is aimed at Adri, of course.
Good Intentions - Dappy
Who knew rappers could sing so well and make emotional songs? I already did, but others didn't! I feel like Cinder always has good intentions in mind and can't help if some things go wrong.
Heaven - Beyoncé
Such a gorgeous song! I won't give a reason, but if you read the book then you already know!
Skyscraper - Demi Lovato
This is a heartfelt song about standing back up after being knocked down countless times by things and people. It would basically be Cinder's theme tune.
Free - Rudimental ft. Emeli Sande
There is a moment in this book where freedom comes up.
Unwell - Matchbox 20
Love the lyrics to this song. If the book became a musical (please don't, just be a movie instead) then I am sure all those with the plague lined in beds would be singing this at some point.
Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin
This is the song of songs. Cinder ends up having someone/thing become her salvation in the novel.
Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande
Labrinth ^.^ I mean, uh, I didn't choose this one because of that amazing male voice, but moreover because the romance in this novel really relates to looking beyond appearance and what type you are, but to who you are as a person.
I'm A Survivor - Destiny Child
Because if Cinder is anything, she is definitely a survivor.

Olivia's Question: What song goes with what you are reading at the moment?
Olivia-Savannah x

Monday, 23 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Kick Off & Book Photography!

Hi there!

Woohoo! All systems go, and begin reading read-a-thoners! I Without further ado, let's see the challenge for today. But first here's my reading update, which I will keep changing as I read.

Reading Update: Obsidian (Lux #1) - 68 pages

First up we have some book photography! I had the most fun this morning running around and taking pictures. Days and challenges like this make me want to start an instagram, honestly.
Which books are on your TBR?
I really want to try and read the third Harry Potter book, the second in the Lunar Chronicles and the first of the Lux series. One of each featured series!
Where are you going to be reading this week?
I'm not lying when I say that the majority of my reading will probably happen when I should be sleeping because the daytime is for schoolwork. So, my bed is guaranteed as a reading space. (Don't you love the Doctor Who pillows?)
Where is your blogging area/space/desk?
It's as organized as it is gonna get xD
What is your current favourite fantasy book?
Current for me usually means latest that I have enjoyed. And I would have to say that would be A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and also The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud.
What is your least favourite fantasy book?
Blergh, The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorenson.
Can you find on your shelf a book that includes aliens?
This is practically the only alien book I have read so far and this is technically from my sister's shelf. But I loved The Host by Stephanie Meyer!
Can you find on your shelf a book that includes mythology?
Percy Jackson for life, of course :D
Can you find on your shelf a book that includes magic?

Again, thank you sister. Although Eragon by Christopher Paolini has a lot of dragons in it, there is magic too. I should really get round to reading Inheritance at some point...

Can you find on your shelf that is steampunk?

I decided that I wasn't allowed to use any of the Lunar Chronicles to answer this question, hence Ticker by Lisa Mantchev won out. I have yet to read this one though!
I'm doing extra!
Because you know, you can never get too much when it comes to blogging.
1. Now that Bartimaeus is chained to you, what do you want to force them to do with you? (Assuming you have their consent.)

We will definitely be sneaking into concerts and bookish shops in the middle of the night. He would definitely know how to do it correctly, as well.

2. What books is Bartimaeus reading?

Probably 12 Years A Slave. A serious read, but then he would be trying to figure out a way to his own freedom and trying to find some pointers for himself. If not, it would be a superhero comic.

 3. Roleplay a scene where you and Bartimaeus are fighting over a scene/character in the book you are currently reading.

Olivia: Kestrel! She's torn between two worlds.
Bartimaeus: Couldn't she just choose one already? Jeez, I have had enough of her complaining.
Olivia: It's not as simple as that...
Bartimaeus: Sure sounds simple to me.
Olivia: Psssh, that's because you would kill the person controlling you and then move on. Unless you were stuck with them for too long.
Bartimaeus: Of course I would. Everyone should fear me. And talking about killing those controlling you...

 4 You've already spent 12 hours chained to Bartimaeus. How do you feel about them now? Anything irritating you yet?

I'll probably never get enough of the sarcastic comments, but it might bother me that he has something to say about every little thing I do. And the fact that he is usually right.

5. How do you spend your day with Bartimaeus during the read-a-thon?

Reading! Of course xD But also meeting my friends during school. I would love to hear his opinions of everyone.

6. What would your relationship status with Bartimaeus be if you got to keep them after the read-a-thon?

Friends, definitely.

7. Bartimaeus is at your mercy. What have you always wanted to ask them? What do they answer?

Can he please get me a new suitcase with all my TBR wishlist books? Thank you!

8. If given the chance to, would you like to go back to Bartimaeus's world after the read-a-thon?

YES please! It's like London with magic. What is there NOT to love?

Olivia's Question: What do you like to take pictures of?
Olivia-Savannah x

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Blogger Recognition Tag!

Hi guys!

I am here to bring you the lovely Blogger Recognition tag, where you thank other bloggers for being part of the bloggersphere! I know there are quite a lot of blogs I am so grateful for being there, and so let’s begin! I was tagged by Rose @ Paranormal Blogger and Lidy @ Iheartallstories, so thank you both! J

The Rules:
Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you've nominated in the post. 

Comment on each blog and let them know you've nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.

How did my blog get started?
So, how did my blog get started? I started it back in 2013 around August when I kept on reading that every writer should make a blog and start building up an email list. For the first nine months I kind of messed around, not doing anything serious. But then in the summer I discovered book blogs, Edelweiss and Netgalley and then BAM I became a book blogger. Of course, I still post some random other things sometimes, but I am mostly all about the books I read (I wrote reviews for books solely for Shelfari before I started anyway.)

I am happy to be building up my writer email subscriber list, but even if I stopped writing I don’t think I would give up blogging. They are two different categories now!

Some blogging advice?

Use that social media! I know it can be hard being active everywhere, so narrow it down to a few. I use Pinterest and Google Plus mostly, and it brings in quite a bit of traffic! Make sure you don’t only post your stuff, but comment on others and also share theirs.

Oh, and comment on others blogs! Firstly you can gather more ideas for your own, but you can build lasting friends and that is totally worth it ;)

If no one is reading your blog at first, keep going. Remember, you are firstly blogging for yourself, and then for the readers. In time they will come, and before you know it your blog will have thrived to more than you could’ve ever expected.

I tag:
Inge and Karolina @ Bookshelf Reflections
Andreea @ Catsfika
Stephanie and Jess @ TheSecrets of Fairday Morrow
Diane @ Fictionzeal
Carina and Lily @ MyAddiction: Books

Olivia’s Question: Why did you start blogging?

Olivia-Savannah x

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wind Catcher (Review)

Hi there!

Title: Wind Catcher (A Chosen Novel #1)
Jeff & Erynn Altabef
Publisher:  Evolved Publishing
Published Date:  21st March 2015
Rating: 3 Stars

*Thank you to the author for the review copy*

Synopsis:  Juliet Wildfire Stone hears voices and sees visions, but she can't make out what they mean. Her eccentric grandfather tells her stories about the Great Wind Spirit and Coyote, but he might as well be speaking another language. None of it makes any sense.         

When she stumbles upon a series of murders, she can't help but worry her grandfather might be involved. To discover the truth, Juliet must choose between her new life at an elite private school and her Native American heritage. Once she uncovers an ancient secret society formed over two hundred years ago to keep her safe, she starts to wonder whether there's some truth to those old stories her grandfather has been telling her.  

All she wants is to be an average sixteen-year-old girl, but she has never been average-could never be average.                                      

Betrayed by those she loves, she must decide whether to run or risk everything by fulfilling her destiny as the Chosen.                                                                                              

Review: I had high hopes for this book. After reading Shatter Point and absolutely loving that by Jeff Altabef, when I heard he was co-writing a book with his sixteen year old daughter, I pounced on it. And although I did like it, it wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it would be.

There was the Native American mythology theme running through this book, and seeing as I haven’t read many about this I found that to be pretty intriguing in itself. I learned a bit about it, and it did make for a pretty killer storyline. So when it came to the general plot, I was happy. There was also a theme of identity running through this because Juliet is a girl of two worlds – the Native American kind, and the typical American society she also wants to fit in with. Throughout the novel she goes on to discover who she is, and what that means to her.

Speaking of Juliet though, she did bother me as a main character at some points, which was why I couldn’t quite love this book completely. She seemed to be a very impulsive and angry person, which is fine, because she had been betrayed and hurt a lot in this book. But I found she was someone who did contradicting things too often. One moment she would hate her grandfather, and the next she wouldn’t, but then she would again. The bouncing back and forth bothered me. She seemed to disbelieve certain aspects about the Native American belief, but then she believed in others? That was a little bit confusing. And I found her to be a bit spiteful to other people simply because of her emotions, and it really wasn’t the other persons fault. That bothered me a bit.

I really liked Tony’s character though. He was Juliet’s best friend, and an utterly loyal person. He was kind, gentle and basically, anything anyone could want in a guy. Yep, Troy is n my good books.

This book is a bit slow and steady. After reading half of the novel we still had more questions than answers and solely hints at the main plot. It was kind of agonizing to read about all these suspicions without the main thing actually coming into play, and it made me slow down when reading this. I also thought the writing style was a bit younger than his other book. Needless to say, it was because it was a young adult and possibly because of the co-author, but it would’ve nicer if it wasn’t so young. Young adults can keep up with adult fiction writing style as well!

I would like to continue reading this series though. Looking forward to book two being published in November!

Olivia’s Question: What is your favourite kind of mythology?

Olivia-Savannah x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Boston Girl (Review & Giveaway!)

Hi there!

Title: The Boston Girl

Author:  Anita Diamant
Publisher:  Scribner
Published Date: 9th December 2014
Rating: 4 stars
*Thank you to the publisher for the review copy*

Synopsis: From the New York Times bestselling author of The Red Tent and Day After Night, comes an unforgettable novel about family ties and values, friendship and feminism told through the eyes of a young Jewish woman growing up in Boston in the early twentieth century.

Addie Baum is The Boston Girl, born in 1900 to immigrant parents who were unprepared for and suspicious of America and its effect on their three daughters. Growing up in the North End, then a teeming multicultural neighborhood, Addie’s intelligence and curiosity take her to a world her parents can’t imagine—a world of short skirts, movies, celebrity culture, and new opportunities for women. Addie wants to finish high school and dreams of going to college. She wants a career and to find true love.

Eighty-five-year-old Addie tells the story of her life to her twenty-two-year-old granddaughter, who has asked her “How did you get to be the woman you are today.” She begins in 1915, the year she found her voice and made friends who would help shape the course of her life. From the one-room tenement apartment she shared with her parents and two sisters, to the library group for girls she joins at a neighborhood settlement house, to her first, disastrous love affair, Addie recalls her adventures with compassion for the naïve girl she was and a wicked sense of humor.

Written with the same attention to historical detail and emotional resonance that made Anita Diamant’s previous novels bestsellers, The Boston Girl is a moving portrait of one woman’s complicated life in twentieth century America, and a fascinating look at a generation of women finding their places in a changing world.

Review: I am going to be honest and say that this is a book for people who like either character driven novels or who might like memoirs. Not for those who are driven by a plot!

The book is told as an old lady talking to her grandchild and telling her about her life. Because of this it becomes a historical fiction which was intriguing for me to learn about. We got to see a lot of different moments in the past such as WWI, the great depression, the flu breakout. It was much more fun to learn about these times in a novel, and I think this book and it also focused on the way it affected people emotionally and the country on a large scale. I liked that.

There wasn’t too much of a plot here because it was a story of someone’s life. But I did find myself intrigued and falling in love with the characters. I loved Addie, the main character most of all. She was a fierce and independent girl who wanted to please everyone but also wanted to please herself. She had rubbish taste in men and was also a feminist way before her time – which caused a lot of problems for her. I thought she was a very strong character. But I found myself loving Betty, her older sister who quickly was up to date with all the modern happenings before the rest of her family. She was loyal, independent and also a force of nature that was hard to reckon with.

But one of the best things about this book was that all the secondary characters had me loving them too. Levine with his generosity and kindness, Gussie with her set ways, Irene with her no nonsense and Filomena with her friendship. I have never had so many secondary characters that I could appreciate together!

Religion did play a fair share in this novel. Before you get scared away, it isn’t preachy or anything! It was more so showing how it was sometimes hard to adapt with the Jewish ways into America, and how they had to cope with being considered as “different” because of what they believed in. One person who couldn’t adapt was Addie’s mother, and this was brought across very well in her role.

This book had themes of friendship, a nice romantic battle to finding the right man, had death in it and also a message of love being worth living. I loved every moment of it and hope others can as well!

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Olivia’s Question: Did you ever move to another country and find it hard to adapt?

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Goal Setting & Introductions

Hi there everyone!

I hope you are all ready to face the week coming ahead. I have a giveaway coming up for you tomorrow *hint hint* Anyway, I am breaking my usual blog schedule to bring you the introduction post to the Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon! Have you signed up yet?

This post is where we learn more about YOU (and well, you can learn more about me as well). So without further ado, here goes! And don't forget to link up at the bottom as well!

Introduce yourself!

If you haven't seen me around, I'm Olivia-Savannah, a 16 year old girl who loves books, blogging and all things nail art. When I am not saying yes to everything and doing far too much at one time, I'm usually writing, playing basketball or... doing the above things mentioned.

Why did you chose to join the read-a-thon?
I think I will change this question as to why I wanted to host one! I have always wanted to run an event, and made a goal this year to try and run one myself. I also love connecting with other bloggers and thought it would be a great way to do so. Of course, no one wants to run something alone which is why it is great to have Inge and Karolina @ Bookshelf Reflections along with me.
What books do you intend to read?
I am going to read Harry Potter book three because it has been ages since I finished the second one (can you believe this is the first time I read the series) and I will also read Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout - my first book of hers. I hope to have time to read Scarlett by Marissa Meyer and will be continuing any books I am currently reading for review requests and school, etc.
How many pages do you think you can manage?
Tricky question! I am going to lower my standards and hope for 50 a day because school will be happening as well. Which makes for an aimed total of 350 pages. Hm... It's probably going to end up being more than that. I love a challenge like this one.
What is your current favourite fantasy read?
I do like fantasy, I just haven't read too much of it! I think it would have to be either A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin or The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud (it's hilarious!)
What is your least favourite fantasy?
I would say The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorenson. Just No. No.
Which fantasy book are you dying to read?
Obsidian! You don't know how many amazing things I have heard about this book and author. I just need to try it for myself before I go insane!
Can you suggest some (3) good reads to the fellow read-a-thon participants?
Of course, you should read Cinder. But Seraphina and Eragon are some good fantasy related reads as well!

If you could choose any fantasy character to be chained to during the read-a-thon, who would it be?

I think I would have to go for Bartimaeus from The Amulet of Samarkand. He is just SO sassy, I would be cracking up the whole time. He might not be quiet and let me read though... hm...
Lastly: Invite a friend to join in with the fun!
I have practically invited all my friends already, so I invite YOU, the person reading this!

Olivia's Question: What's a good fantasy book I should try?
Olivia-Savannah x